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Every time I see a new book challenge I always think about how cool it would be to join fellow bibliophiles in challenging myself to read books I may have never thought of or wouldn't have read otherwise. I always think about the new books I'll come across. I think about the people I may interact with because of all the books we like or dislike. After all, discussions are important. Reading challenges appear to be fun. Someday I will join one, but not right now. 

Last year I was in a reading slump. I couldn't get into one book. I went most of the year without reading a single story. The one book that appealed to me got lost and I'm not sure how. In the past years, I have joined the Goodreads reading challenge. I'd put a large number because it never seemed to be a lot. Fifty books aren't much. They never were to me. I'd always say challenge accepted. Sometime in the past couple of years, I'd get an overwhelming feeling and drop the challenge altogether.

Lately, reading challenges have made me feel pressured to read faster and to read more. There are times I didn't really enjoy a book because I was racing to the finish line. Just like last year, I challenged myself to read one book this year. The point isn't to read one because I know I'll read more. The point is to enjoy every moment with every book. I want to absorb all that is happening. I want to find new ships and fall in love with new characters. I want to dive into worlds that I've yet to encounter. I want to do it all on my time.

As I said before, reading challenges are cool. One day I will join one. For now, I am working on getting my mojo back one book at a time. 

Have you joined any reading challenges yet? If so, how many? What do you like or dislike about reading challenges? 


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