Self-care has become an innovative industry. From self-help books to skincare and beauty products. The beauty industry is one of the major multi-billion dollar industries that stem from the gigantic self-care industry we know and love. As I continue to learn more about my skin and what really works for me, I take what I learn and put it into practice. For example, I learned that oil cleanser works for my skin because it's really dry. I also learned that my favorite lipstick shade is probably Shawty by Fenty Beauty. I also learned the SPF is super important and I should put some on every day before walking out the door.

There's a lot I don't know and when I hear wonderful things about certain products, I want to get my hands on them and see for myself. There are new products that are released every day and are highly anticipated like the new and improved Dior Capture Totale skincare line. Of course, I want to try these products out when I only hear great reviews from people with skin similar to mine. In fact, there are some products that I've wanted to get my hands on for a while and some are new releases. Either way, these skincare or makeup products make me excited to divine into the world of skincare and beauty. Hopefully, I'll add some of these products to my daily routine.

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Dior Capture Totale C.E.L.L. Energy is a line that Dior has launched with a new and improved formula from the original Dior Capture Totale skincare line. This line combats aging in a new vitalizing way. Dior Science has been researching for twenty years to release a product that would otherwise become a favorite for many. This line increases the skin's ability to re-energize its cells. Dior Capture Totale C.E.L.L. Energy encourages more vigorous, plumper skin that overtime possesses a softer texture and increased hydration.

Dior Capture Totale C.E.L.L. Energy is a line of five products. 

  1. The Super Potent Serum comes highly recommended as the favorite out of the five. This serum works best with issues like fine lines and wrinkles, pores, and loss of elasticity or firmness. Its key ingredient is Hylauronic acid which leaves the skin feeling smooth. 
  2. The High-Performance Serum Lotion is said to be very hydrating and helps with dark spots. 
  3. The High-Performance Gentle Cleanser is next up. If you have dry skin like myself, this cleanser is said to work wonderfully. According to Dior's research, radiance, softness, and skin suppleness increased when using this product. Are you sold yet?
  4. The Firming & Wrinkle-Correcting Eye Cream reduces puffiness and dark circles from under the eye. Are you sold yet? 
  5. The final product is the Firming & Wrinkle-Correcting Creme. While this product is busy combating our aging skin, it also helps with dullness and uneven textures. According to those who have had the chance to use this product, it's very hydrating and lightweight.


Exfoliating is an important part of keeping the skin fresh. Before I got into skincare, I didn't know that getting rid of dead skin is vital to the health of our skin. Who doesn't want to live their best lives with their skin at its best? I know I do.

Frank Body is a vegan brand that is known for its coffee scrubs. This brand was created by five friends who wanted to create a "humble coffee scrub" without "the hyperbole that saturates the skincare industry". It's a brand that is promoted as a cocky new boyfriend we'll all fall madly for. A friend of mine swears by this brand and says it lives up to its name. Maybe this is the only time a cocky new boyfriend named Frank will come in handy. A scrub that comes in different flavors for body, face, and lips has been on the top of my list of necessities. I need something that's going to work. Plus I enjoy having a variety to choose from. I'm willing to bet my money on these products.


La Mer is a brand that feels like it's almost exclusive for some. It's extremely pricey and sometimes may not be ideal for someone who is on a budget. Admittingly, there's something special about La Mer. What am I talking about?  After suffering from burns from a lab accident, Dr. Max Huber spent twelve years creating the perfect formula that would transform sea kelp and other pure ingredients into Miracle Broth™.  This took Dr. Huber twelve years to concoct. This would ultimately change the look of Dr. Huber's skin. My skin needs the miracle of hydration. I think I'd like to try the Crème de la Mer which is said to heal dryness and with a deep moisturizer. The Renewal Oil is also top of my list for this skincare brand. I find that oils, whether it's a cleanser or the oil itself, works wonderfully with my skin. My skin always looks happy and hydrated with a summer glow.

Have you tried this miracle brand? What are your thoughts?

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury is a brand that makes me feel whimsical and happy when I see it. It's a brand name after the woman behind the magic that has become what the brand is today. Charlotte Tilbury discovered mascara at thirteen and new she wanted to be a makeup artist. After going to school for makeup she worked her way up. Charlotte Tilbury began as a makeup artist and network her way to where she is now. Her brand has made women feel glamours and powerful ever since.

My favorite products from Charlotte Tilbury are the eye shadows. They look so magical. In fact, I had the chance to try on some of her stuff when a woman at Macy's asked for me to sit on a chair and watch my transformation. Her eyeshadows are fairytale-like. They're dreamy. My favorite eyeshadows are the neutral, shimmery ones. They're subtle but all around pretty to look at.  The palettes I want the most are Celestial Eyes and Pillow Talk from her Luxury Pallete of Pop collection. They're so pretty. I've learned that although these two palettes are famous for their beautiful shimmer, they can be quite subtle when done right. I'd like to use these for my day to night looks.

Miscellaneous Products 

While I've been obsessing over the products and brands listed above, there are some individual products I'd like to get my hands on. Each of these products has come highly recommended by friends, YouTubers, and other influencers. Everyone's skin is different, but I can say that if someone with really dry skin, like myself, highly recommends these products, I am willing to give them a try in hopes they work for me. 

  1. CAUDALÍE Vinoperfect Brightening Glycolic Overnight Cream is a cream that I stumbled across while browsing in Sephora. This product works best for dry skin. Just like any product I test at a store, I rubbed this cream into the back of my hand. My skin felt so smooth. I compared both hands to see the difference. It was subtle but it was there. I think after multiple uses my skin will look brighter with this overnight cream. 
  2. CLARINS Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil is another product on my miscellaneous list. As I said before, I love oils. I never want to overwhelm my skin with oils, but trying different oils won't hurt. I'm striving for perfection. This oil is a rebalancing oil. Your skin and mine should feel silky smooth and brand new in no time. 
  3. MARIO BADESCU Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater is a brand I've been hearing about for years but never got a chance to try. Kelsey Simone, a YouTuber, had introduced it on her channel. I became curious about this product because of my love for rosewater. Over the years, and I've been around for a while, she would constantly use it. She would spray her face mid-day just for the hydration. This is an inexpensive facial spray that works according to the local Ulta and Sephora employees. If you live near an Ulta, you can walk right in and pick this item up. Otherwise, Sephora and Ulta sell this product online. Use it at your leisure.
  4. THAYERS Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Facial Toner is another brand that was recommended by Kelsey Simone on her YouTube channel and praised by Ulta and Sephora employees near me. As a lover of products made with roses, I'll be walking straight into Ulta to check this item off my list. There are many different flavors when it comes to this product, but I'll take Rose Petal flavor any day. Toner is very useful and is known to take away the leftover dirt that your cleanser left behind. This toner, like certain toners I've used before, doesn't dry out the skin or strip your oils away. At least that's what I'm told. This is also an inexpensive product that can be bought at your local Ulta or you can buy it online.
  5. KOPARI Beauty Coconut Cleansing Oil is a brand I stumble upon online. If you read this far, then you know that Coconut and oils for the skin are my favorite. Another plus for me that it's a clean, vegan brand. Again, oils are used for dry skin. I've read reviews from both Ulta and Sephora. People seem to love this product and the brand in general. I haven't asked around about this product, but I'd say there's no harm in trying this product, especially because it's clean and vegan. 

I'm new to the beauty game. Skincare is something I've been learning about for the last seven years and makeup is a whole new world to me. I'm taking you on my journey wherever that may lead. So teach me what you know. I'll do my best to spread what I've learned.

Now, tell me what products you've been eyeing. Have you used any of the products on my list? What are your favorite products? 


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