Buen día! My name is Darianne. I'm a Puerto Rican, Trinidadian woman with a passion for fashion, beauty, literature, travel, Sundays, and sharing way too much information. I, just like this blog, am forever evolving. Thank you for being part of my journey.
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    I studied literature at university. My focus was Medieval and Renassaince literature. The truth is I'm obsessed with Dante. Besides my studies, I'm a massive fan of YA Fantasy, Contemporary, and Romance novels. Here you'll find my book reviews and recommendations.
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    I'm new at this. I don't know what I'm doing or if I'm doing it right. Beauty has always been an interest of mine. From makeup to skincare routines, I'm sharing my skincare and makeup journey with you with hopes we can learn from each other. Feedback is always welcome.
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Lately, things have been chaotic. I'm in the process of looking for my first apartment and working as hard as I can and then some to make Romance À La Crème a full-time business. I said I would be working on creating and publishing posts regularly. I have been posting regularly since I launched this blog and I'm proud of myself.  I'm also going back and forth with my university because I want to get back to it and finish my degree. As I said before, life is chaotic.

Today is a beautifully gloomy, rainy day. Spring has arrived early. The streets are filled with people. Sting is quietly playing through my speakers and I am sipping on a large cup of Cinnamon Apple Spiced tea. I'm in heaven.

I've been thinking a lot lately. This is my personal space on the internet. I figured someone can relate. Why not share? So, what exactly have I been thinking about lately?


Negativity has been around me lately. I was dealing with someone who is completely toxic to themself and other people. I had spent quite some time stressing over that person. My anxiety attacks became frequent. Then suddenly everything came to a halt. I spent so much time drowning in toxicity and negativity that I forgot to swim. 

I do not believe in spreading negative energy. I want to make a person smile when we meet. I never want to be the reason for anyone to shed a tear. When I remembered that my positivity is stronger than any negativity, I started swimming until I was away from all of the negativity. If I could beat depression in my early twenties, then I can beat this easily. 

I'm working on casting all of the negativity and toxicity out of my life. Sometimes the negative feelings linger on, but I am doing everything I can. Things are getting better and I'm happier without all of the negativity weighing me down. Life really has been better since I walked away. 

Moving out

Let's be honest. Adulting in New York City is one of the most unaffordable things ever and feels like mission impossible. With that being said, having a place of my own has always been a dream. I currently live with two other people and I'm blessed to be living where I do with the people I do, but I am at the point I want to enjoy a place I call my own.

The thought of being on my own for the first time is both scary and thrilling. There's nothing like having a place to call one's own. It makes me nervous, but I am ready. I am ready for this new chapter in my life. I may even start a home/apartment section on my blog once I have my own space. This is something I've wanted to do for a few years, but was never able to. I'll keep you updated. 

Being a businesswoman

Creating a business of my own hasn't been easy. Most people don't care or aren't supportive if you don't have a name already. That's why I'm giving it all I have. When a person has a dream, they must go after it, right? That means I have to make a name for myself and keep working no matter what.

Honestly, it's something that I have wanted to do for years but I never had the courage. Now that I am going full force, I'm learning a lot about myself and what it means to be a businesswoman. Part of my business is Romance À La Creme and I'm happy to share this part with you. I am working on better content every day and I am hoping to start a YouTube channel sooner than later. This is my dream. Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle are things I am truly passionate about. It's never been about anything else. For now, this is enough. Still, I have goals I want to accomplish. I will keep working and going for my dreams no matter what and I'll be sure to have fun while I'm doing it. 


I've had many opportunities and countless blessings in 2019. I think about how I've managed to do such wonderful things like travel and experience summer like never before. I think about the autumnal activities I enjoyed. I think about spring and how magical it will be. Life has been chaotic lately. I am still growing. I am moving into a new chapter. I am finding my way even through negativity and I still manage to come out on top. I am twenty-five and happier than I have ever been.

As we all know, 2020 has started off rough. Things are sort of at a standstill. I'm looking forward to the opportunities that come this year. As I said before, I never had the courage, until now, to follow my dreams. I would turn down every business opportunity. I would never work with a company I didn't believe in and I'd never take an opportunity just for the money. I'm want to build a brand based on honesty and trust. 

There were a couple of companies that I wanted to work with, but was too scared to do so. NO MORE FEAR. I have been blessed. I look forward to the opportunities coming in 2020. There's nothing that I can't handle and I must remember that. No one and nothing can hold me back but me.

Life is too short

With everything that's been going on lately, I've had time to truly sit back and think. So many lives have been lost during this pandemic and its so heartbreak. It has reminded me that life is too short and we mustn't take it for granted. If I've learned nothing else recently, I've learned to be more mindful. Moments aren't to be wasted but lived. Selfishness, fear, and everything else that hinders us to live our best, happiest lives are things we must conquer and let go of. Of course, I am speaking for myself. Everyone is different. I'm just reminding myself that tomorrow is promised and today is all I may have. 

Life is short. After writing this post and expressing my thoughts, I've realized that everything listed is a push in the right direction to move forward, do my best to be kind, to live a happy and healthy life, and, most importantly, to make the most every moment no matter what. 

What have you been thinking about?