Buen día! My name is Darianne. I'm a Puerto Rican, Trinidadian woman with a passion for fashion, beauty, literature, travel, Sundays, and sharing way too much information. I, just like this blog, am forever evolving. Thank you for being part of my journey.
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    I studied literature at university. My focus was Medieval and Renassaince literature. The truth is I'm obsessed with Dante. Besides my studies, I'm a massive fan of YA Fantasy, Contemporary, and Romance novels. Here you'll find my book reviews and recommendations.
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    I'm new at this. I don't know what I'm doing or if I'm doing it right. Beauty has always been an interest of mine. From makeup to skincare routines, I'm sharing my skincare and makeup journey with you with hopes we can learn from each other. Feedback is always welcome.
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With a pandemic sweeping the world, I've kept myself at home quarantined. I am not sick, but just like you, I don't wish to be. I much rather stay home and deal with cabin fever than catch something so life-threatening. Speaking of cabin fever, it is something that truly exists and I didn't know how to escape it at first. I'm not a person who does well with being home all day every day and I don't like repetition.

I know we all want to get back to our daily lives. I know I definitely do, but while this virus is spreading like wildfire, we're advised to stay inside. Self-quarantining is a great way to stay healthy and avoid getting sick. This means we must entertain ourselves at home.

Without further ado...

Work. Work. Work.

In order to keep cabin fever at bay, I work like the virus never existed. I answer emails, make phone calls, post Instagram photos, create content, etc.  I've managed to get enough content so that I don't have to leave my home for a while. With more time on my hands, I get to brainstorm a lot more and do better as a blogger and a lover of what I do.  I like to think that the virus may be able to keep me inside, but it can't stop me from doing what I love most.

Working is something I look forward to. Every day I wake up, I get excited to do what I love most. With that being said, my workday may feel slightly repetitious for now, but that's okay. Sometimes I switch my schedule around or cut my days short for leisure. After all, we all need a work-life balance. Unfortunately, I'm unable to go out and find cute cafes to work in. So for now, I've created my own little cafe. I am my own barista. I spice things up the best way I can. If you have any ideas on how to spice up an at-home workday, let me know. I'd love to hear your ideas.

I have been reading a lot more.

Before this pandemic, I didn't have much time to read. In fact, I'd start my day working from home, then go out and work some more. By the time I'd get done, it would be evening time. All I'd want to do is eat, shower, and sleep. One thing that I've done to improve this is to carry my Kindle around. It allows me to read on the go. Still, most days I work more hours than normal and hardly reach for my kindle when I'm on the go.

Having extra time on my hands now means I can pick up a physical book and read. It's something I fell in love with growing up. As an adult, it became harder to just read for leisure and not because I have to. I'm almost done with Truthwitch and I'm so excited to write a review on it. In fact, I look forward to writing several reviews. I added Literature as a category on my blog for a reason. I only wish to live a life where I do everything that I love to do.

*This blog post & shop widget uses affiliate links. 

Meditation & Devotion

As I said before, I currently have more hours in the day to do as I wish. Although I remain productive all day, I still try to take the time out to be alone and enjoy my own company. Before New York shut down, I began to take myself on dates. I enjoyed doing so and am excited to do it again. Until the world is able to resume the way things used to be, I have to find more than one way to keep myself occupied.

I began to meditate again. With all the time that I have leftover after being productive, meditating feels wonderful. When I feel anxious, meditation seems to help. Most importantly, I feel calm and relax. There a sense of serenity in the air after meditating. I want to be one with myself and the world. I fell out of practice. Meditating has done wonders recently. 

Most importantly to me, I have been able to have multiple bible sessions in a day. I don't like to talk about religion because everyone has their own beliefs and what you believe in is absolutely valid. No one can say or tell you any different. As a Christian, I often feel guilty for not being able to have a bible session because I have a busy day ahead or referring to my bible only when times are tough or I feel anxious. I have been making time in my day to read my bible because I'd like to make this a habit again. I don't want this to be simply a quarantined thing. I always feel good after reading my bible. It feels like medicine for my soul. 

I've noticed that being more mindful with myself, both spiritually and mentally, has made me happier over the past few days. I feel a difference. Ironically, this awful virus has brought some positivity into my life. 

Netflix, Disney + & YouTube

Entertainment is key to avoiding cabin fever. I have queued a bunch of shows and movies to watch while I am stuck indoors. I've been feeling nostalgic lately. I've been enjoying shows that I watched as a kid. On Disney+, I watch Gargoyles, Lizzie McGuire, Tail Spin, and The Proud Family. On Netflix, I watch Yu-Gi-Oh and Naruto. I also watch more recent shows like The Tudors, Reign, Medici, Peaky Blinders, Frontier, and You.

I also love watching videos on YouTube. My favorite YouTube channels of all time, in no particular order, are Kelsey Simone, Lydia Elise Millen, InTheFrow, and Fashion Mumblr. These ladies have had my attention for years. I adore their content and their positivity. Most importantly, I am inspired by these ladies and always look forward to a new video.

Beauty & Journaling

Beauty is something that I have been getting into. From truly understanding my skin to trying out makeup, I've got a lot to learn. Lately, I've been obsessed with L'Oreal lipsticks. A few weeks ago, I used my lipstick as an eyeshadow because I didn't have any. I've tampered with a few eyeshadow shades and blushes.  I'm still lusting after Charlotte Tilbury products. I've also kept my skin hydrated throughout the day with the Thayer's facial mist. I am in love with this product. It's cooling and my skin always feels lovely after one use.

As for journaling, I have two journals. My first journal is a Medici Lions Kraft journal. In this journal, I like to be creative. I write like to write freely whether it's poetry or a small version of my Sunday posts. My second journal is the Brown and Yello Tree of Life journal. This journal is more therapeutic. I write out everything. Sometimes I am unable to work things out on my head. That's when I turn to paper. I also spill my guts about everything. There's no holding back when I'm journaling in either journal.

I hope you're all well and in good health. Times are crazy and the best way to stay healthy is to stay in. How are you holding up? What are some things you are doing to stay entertained?

If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. - Maya Angelou

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