Buen día! My name is Darianne. I'm a Puerto Rican, Trinidadian woman with a passion for fashion, beauty, literature, travel, Sundays, and sharing way too much information. I, just like this blog, am forever evolving. Thank you for being part of my journey.
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    Here you can every fashion related post. My favorite OOTDs are always here. Always keep your eyes peeled for what's to come.
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    I studied literature at university. My focus was Medieval and Renassaince literature. The truth is I'm obsessed with Dante. Besides my studies, I'm a massive fan of YA Fantasy, Contemporary, and Romance novels. Here you'll find my book reviews and recommendations.
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    I'm new at this. I don't know what I'm doing or if I'm doing it right. Beauty has always been an interest of mine. From makeup to skincare routines, I'm sharing my skincare and makeup journey with you with hopes we can learn from each other. Feedback is always welcome.
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Lately things have felt completely off balance. I’ve been full of anxiety and most of the time I just want to sit in the sun until I feel peace. The city is still closed and cabin fever has reached an all time high. While I was at home, I kept thinking of green pastures, fresh air, and freedom to roam. How could I have taken these luxuries for granted?

In a moment’s notice, I made a phone call and off I was. I decided to go home and visit my mom and youngest sister. I even brought my boyfriend along to meet them. While there, I expected to just sit at home all day and just relax. I thought maybe I would drink lemonade on the front porch like I used too. I wasn’t expecting this trip to turn out the way it did.

On our first day here, we walked a trail where we got to see chipmunks, frogs, deers, and other wildlife in the woods. We crossed a bridge with railings that shock the person touching them. Lets just say that my boyfriend is hard headed. That night we fired up the grill and sat at home by the pool. The beginning of this trip made me feel like getting away would be worth it.

On the second day, we laid out in the sun and took multiple trips to Walmart. In fact, we walked to Walmart which was fun for me but a learning experience for him. I don’t think he was expecting the walk to be scenic and a workout. He said he wanted to hike. I think the walked changed his mind at first. We laughed at his experience walking to Walmart for the first time all day.

The third day was incredible. My cousin called and told me he was picking us up. I’m always up for a good time. So why not? At first I thought we were going to the lookout. It’s a short drive up the mountain that gave us a view of the entire town. Instead, we hiked up the side of a mountain. That hike wasn’t what I was expecting at all.  I though it would just be a trail, but then we were climbing up giant rocks, slipping and sliding, and using rope to steadily pull ourselves up. The view was our reward. It was worth it. I ruined my new sneakers, but being on that mountain in that moment brought peace that I needed in my life. I can’t wait to do it again.

The rest of the trip was extremely peaceful. We drove to Poughkeepsie the next day to walk a mile long trail across a bridge. Being so high up and seeing the world around clearly, I was reminded of what mattered most. Sadly, there are so many terrible things happening in the world right now. This walk with the view of Poughkeepsie reminded me that every moment matters. Every second is important. Life is precious. I felt alive for the first time in awhile and it was an amazing feeling.

Although I am back home now, I am still constantly reminded of this trip and the way it opened my eyes. It managed to take away all my anxiety and give me a peace of mind. I would much rather be back in the woods hiking, walking a mile long trail across a bridge, or sitting outside while grilling and enjoying the country air that I don’t get from being in the city. For now, the memory of this trip will live on. Until next time...