Buen día! My name is Darianne. I'm a Puerto Rican, Trinidadian woman with a passion for fashion, beauty, literature, travel, Sundays, and sharing way too much information. I, just like this blog, am forever evolving. Thank you for being part of my journey.
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    Here you can every fashion related post. My favorite OOTDs are always here. Always keep your eyes peeled for what's to come.
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    I studied literature at university. My focus was Medieval and Renassaince literature. The truth is I'm obsessed with Dante. Besides my studies, I'm a massive fan of YA Fantasy, Contemporary, and Romance novels. Here you'll find my book reviews and recommendations.
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    I'm new at this. I don't know what I'm doing or if I'm doing it right. Beauty has always been an interest of mine. From makeup to skincare routines, I'm sharing my skincare and makeup journey with you with hopes we can learn from each other. Feedback is always welcome.
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If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that my Milk Monaco Faux Mink Cashmere cardigan and Lydia Large Cream Chunky Chain Pouch bag combo has been my everyday look for a few weeks. The cozy, chic duo has been showstopping. I've received so many comments that end with the same question: where did you get your cardigan and bag? The answer always makes me so happy because this is a brand I've fallen in love with and can swear by. 

Seen On Her is a family-owned brand that shares the same beliefs I do: quality over quantity. This family-owned brand believes that quality shouldn't be expensive but accessible to consumers. They produce luxurious items and a lot of their designs are affordable. 

The first time I saw the beautiful cardigan was when one of my favorite YouTubers, Lydia Elise Millen-Gordon, wore it in one of her vlogs. Something that looked so luxurious seemed so far out of reach. By chance, I came across the company's Instagram and saw that Lydia was featured on their feed. This is one of those moments where curiosity may kill the cat, but satisfaction brings in back. I was beyond excited to know that the cardigan I had been lusting after for a while was in my reach. 

The cardigan wasn't the only item that had me excited. After adding the cardigan to my basket, I browsed the rest of the cite and saw a bag I had been lusting after for a while. The Lydia bag, as you may already know, was isnpired by the Bottega Veneta pouch bag. The bag took the fashion industry by storm. It was in every corner of the fashion world. It was a bag that I thought would be a staple piece in my wardrobe. I was right. The Lydia bag goes perfectly with almost all of my outfits. I can't tell you how much I actually wear the bag. It has become my most worn bag.

Seen On Her sells the kind of quality that should be expensive. The Monaco cardigan could've been expensive, but it wasn't. I must thank Seen On Her for making a thick, heavy, beautifully made cardigan of premium quality. It's so soft. The cardigan feels like a cozy blanket that hugs the body with its warmth. I can't get enough. I also have to stress a little more about my love for the Lydia bag. The bag is made of a "buttery soft" leather. The Lydia bag is soft but sturdy. The large can hold a lot. The bag doesn't droop when filled to its brim. In fact, it doesn't lose its shape at all which is both shocking and well appreciated. 

I will say this quite a lot on this blog because I have fallen madly in love with a brand that makes my autumnal, wintery dreams come true. Seen On Her has created a fairytale for me and I highly recommend shopping with this brand for quality, not quantity.